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Keyate rubber floor painted a beautiful and colorful picture for the Winter Olympics

On February 4, the Winter Olympics kicked off, and Beijing became the first "Double Olympic City" to host both the Summer Olympics and the Winter Olympics. After more than six years of intensive preparations, China is ready to present a simple, safe and wonderful Winter Olympics to the world, even if it is a sudden epidemic challenge.

The Winter Olympic Games is a national key project, and the selection of flooring materials has many factors to consider. In the face of a strong flow of people, it must be high-strength and wear-resistant, with a certain sound absorption and noise reduction function, as well as many considerations on product skid resistance, environmental protection, service life, etc. In constant screening and comparison, the final choice was to cooperate with Keyate rubber flooring. Keyate flooring did not disappoint people's expectations and made a beautiful and colorful contribution to the Winter Olympic Games with perfect products.